Urban Gateways Summer Options 2013

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Change Manifesto

Who am I to accept things that I cannot change? Who ever declared that we cannot change things? I just dont know how many times ive heard someone ask me ” What you doin over here”. What you mean what am I doing here?I am confined within the limits of my neighborhood, well to be more accurate, within my street.  Not only I but every one else within street. Who are you to deny me access to a specified destination? Once lines are drawn, they are meant to be crossed. A once known peaceful family, social gathering has now become a death trap within a warzone. You were safe if you were of Caucasian decent. You were safe if you were a female. You were safe if you were a child. This very safety we have grown accustomed too, we greedily consumed, and it has reached beyond the limitations that we could handle. To go to the war zone, you have to be granted access. That access is now to be White  or age 6 and under because I have seen punches, rocks, and kicks thrown at a 10 year old by people twice his age. I refuse to oppressed by my own kind, I refuse to be oppressed by a higher power, and most definitely I refuse to be oppressed by me, myself.


3 comments on “Change Manifesto

  1. photolair
    July 12, 2013

    This is very powerful, but i don’t agree with the line “You were safe if you were a female.” Other than that its awesome as shit.

  2. Eunsong Angela
    July 12, 2013

    hey justus–this is really powerful. How does your manifesto incorporate and critique a world where gender, race and class work together in systems of oppression? Also–what does your future look like? Could you incorporate your “I want” poem and your character studies to build this future?

  3. olirodriguez
    July 17, 2013

    In agreement with Mitchell and Angela. Intersectionality is a huge component of your manifesto and the inherent connectedness of gender, race and class. So calling out the female gender as easier doesn’t actually fit..

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