Urban Gateways Summer Options 2013

To store all of the magic

I want (Revised)

I want a whole foods in the hood,

you know what, I want a half foods in the hood

that has the same goods but for a lower price

I want vegetables gardens and fuit plants

to fill up desolate vacant lots.

I want a peach tree on every corner

an apple tree on every block

I want to see five course meals sold at “Stop-N-Shop”

I want families with their children playing in the parks

With no fear of danger in mind,  no curfew time, no commitment to crime

I want the African American Male able to walk to the next block

without a fear of being harassed with no assumption that he could be shot

But if that would happen, you’d hear “I aint no snitch”

By those who are financially fit but still hittin licks, thats it

What dont you get? Well let me elaborate,

the death of another person is something we now celebrate

I dont have to demonstrate, its all in the media,

See you laters have now become well it was nice seeing ya’s

But still I want liquor stores to become libraries

Flamin hot Cheetos to become grapes and cherrys.

I want peace within streets

Love in communities

I want Fathers with their daughters

Mothers with sons

Society with a weapon of hope, instead of abusing guns

That means eradication of those that are trigger happy

that means the eradication of the system that was made to trap me.

2 comments on “I want (Revised)

  1. #citizen
    July 11, 2013

    I dont know if its just me or not but I was listening to Frank ocean’s super rich kids song and reading and the emotion of this vision of a truly perfect day in the hood came to me. It was so beautiful and it had everything you said. You you try it maybe it change your view of the poem.

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